IT Staffing

We focus on relationships not transactions.

We care about building a long-term relationship with everyone we work with, including both clients and candidates. By taking extra steps to learn about your company, including thorough periodic visits to your site, we learn about your culture, environment, and values – allowing us to find a candidate who fits well within your company at every level.

Our model reduces the average time spent per hire.

Our rigorous technical screening process is conducted by certified Senior Architects, ensuring that every candidate we work with is a high-caliber performer. When we provide you with candidate information, we include a detailed report of the candidate's responses to technical questions that are applicable to your project. This leads to a significant reduction in time investment from your company's hiring manager, as he or she will have to evaluate only a small number of qualified submissions.

Our contract structure saves you money on IT contractor expenses.

Our aggressive rates and flexible hiring structure allows you to fill the position you need for a competitive rate, without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Permanent Staffing / Executive Placement

AdiWebTech Technologies, is a full-service human resource consulting firm which has been operating throughout India, & our emphasis is on providing cost-effective, specialized assistance in locating qualified, skilled personnel in a wide range of occupational areas, including:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Management
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Administration
  • Engineering & Technology.
Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

By utilizing AdiWebTech Technologies contract-to-hire staffing services, a company can benefit from the traditional services a temporary staffing agency offers with the option to hire the employee permanently. You can observe the employee on the job to determine if he or she is the right fit for the position. After the contract period is complete, the employee can be hired on a permanent basis.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our recruitment process outsourcing is designed to assist companies to depend on our expertise where they can concentrate on the business end whereas we goto the market and search the right skills for them. We partner with the required services providers, manage walk-ins, do the complete recruitment process. Our process is designed in a transparent manner where the client is notified at every step with the correct reporting.

It Staffing Solutions To Optimize Workforce

Our IT staffing solutions facilitate you with a number of options to protect, validate, analyze and optimize your resources to succeed. We begin our joint venture in quest of deeply indulging with all your business targets and gaps between your current and upcoming conditions. We then architect a strategic IT staffing workforce to fulfill your need for candidates with high level of expertise and competencies.


Our next essential step is to select the candidate based on the results of phases mentioned above. The staffing selection is accomplished by verifying the forms and certifications provided by the candidate.


The next step is to interview a candidate to get to know his ability to tackle different challenges. We execute an in-detail conversation with an employee and analyze the strategies that they will use to coordinate with teams. Moreover, we do take into the experience required to fit into the vacant position.

Performance Monitoring

Though all the recruitment steps have been completed, our work is not over yet! We make sure to examine the performance of the candidate and ensure if the client is satisfied and contented with our service.

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