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AdiWebTech Technologies Lifesciences has developed most remarkable, innovative and superior herbal/nutraceutical ingredients. We have a strong marketing network in India AdiWebTech Technologies Lifesciences is exclusively represented in India by Bio Actives India Corporation The commitment to science and quality control has earned its recognition within the Inida as a trusted supplier of ingredients of the highest quality.

The company strives to achieve excellence through proactively addressing customer needs and requirements. Integral to this approach is the identification and development of customised products backed by research and development support. The company is focused on developing ingredients for various functional areas like metabolic syndrome, smoker's health, weight management, rejuvenation and sport nutrition. Our lead product coleus is currently under weight management clinical trial.

AdiWebTech Technologies Lifesciences co-operates with the world's most prestigious universities and private research institutions in the biological assessment of safety and effectiveness up to clinical trials. It offers unconditional customer guarantee as well as excellent technical support; most of its products are tested by independent labs in India.

Patients are your priority.

Whether it's the devices that monitor their health or the drugs that treat them, keeping your patients safe and secure is essential. But staying patient-focused isn't easy. New drugs have to be brought to market quickly and cost-efficiently. Devices must be updated, connected, secured—and continually enhanced to meet doctors' changing demands.

AdiWebTech Technologies solutions build on proprietary industrial frameworks that significantly reduce work effort and cost while providing faster go-to-market speeds and nimble responses to market dynamics – a complete suite of services we call Platformization.

Attempting to address and solve these demands yourself—following the same approaches you always did—inevitably leads to trade-offs. This makes it difficult to report on the security of your devices or confirm drugs have been handled correctly. And that can leave you susceptible to greater patient risk, fines, and costly brand damage. Pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies are constantly challenged to meet the rising standards of quality, and to comply with rigorous regulatory requirements ranging to cross-industry mandates such. AdiWebTech Technologies Apps and Solutions provide an integrated environment to manage a range of compliance requirements, risks, audits, and product and supplier quality processes.

Our solutions for FDA compliance

Our solutions for FDA compliance

Our solutions for FDA compliance, quality management, supplier governance, audit management, and more enable you to effectively assess multiple risks and controls, monitor compliance with a range of regulations, and capture and resolve quality issues in a timely manner across the product lifecycle.

Exporter And Supplier Of Proven

Exporter And Supplier Of Proven

A person should be careful about his health and physical fitness. We are here to help you out in doing so by offering a wide range of laboratory tested pharmaceutical formulations. We, are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of proven quality medicines for proper care of your health.

The vision of providing high quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices. All our products manufactured from excise free zone, The manufacturing facility consists of highly intimated and sophisticated machinery and utmost attention pay to quality, safety and hygiene. With an impetus or maintaining high standard of quality at each stage, products undergo rigorous, monitoring, right through the procurement, manufacturing and packing stages, thus enable to achieve the corrected GMP certification.

Beside quality in products , services and complete costumers satisfaction, we also offer value added:

  • Promotional input e.g. Visual Aid/Detailing folder, MR bags, phys, samples, gifts, Literature, Brand reminder cards, Various product stickers, Posters & specially designed launch letters to Doctors.
  • Result oriented Marketing Strategies & Marketing Consultancy.
  • Advertisement support in leading medical journal, medical indexes like IDR and Drug Today
  • Company understand new demand of market and introduce new molecules ever month to help associates to grow faster and deeper in market.

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